requires a few extra steps to make certain the forms are processed properly.

Here are the additional steps for the transactions to be sent to for processing:

1. Click on in your form settings

2. Create a feed

3. Name your feed. We set it to something that makes sense for the form. However, you can set it on a naming convention you'd like if you want.

4. Transaction Type you should set to Products and Services.

5. Payment Amount set it to Form Total
6. The rest can be left as is, these are optional*

7. Click Update Settings.

IMPORTANT: We always suggest running a test to make certain is seeing the transactions as they do not kick back an error.

* You do not need to collect form information as the credit card fields collect all that is needed for the transaction to process. However you can collect it if you want in the feed. This information will still be collected in the submission, but you can determine if it is sent in the feed to In summation: you do not need to have the information sync as the CC fields by default ask what is needed.

Remember we integrate with most merchant accounts and gateways. If you have questions on integration let us know by submitting a trouble ticket. Please submit questions to or visit us here: