1.) Login into your account (gmail.com or if you have a vanity URL using g suite).

2.) Click on the gear icon in the top right.

3.) On the General Settings Tab (should be default selected when you click on the gear). Click the radial below "No Signature". This will allow you to enter your signature.

Enter Your Contact information (for example):

John Smith

Phone: 877.153.1234

Mobile: 888.124.3456


4.) To enter an image click on the icon in the bar above the signature field (shown below).

5.) This will open an add image window. Click on the Web Address tab.

Enter the path to your image signature online. (Note: ask the help team to send you one if you have lost yours).

6.) Add links to your signature by simply selecting the text element or your logo image, then click the link tool (shown below). Paste your web address or even your about page and email recipients clicking will be driven to your site. Alternatively, you can add in social icons and do the same thing with them... just point to your social networks.